Recruiting our new Youth Voice Committee – putting young people’s voices at the heart of what we do

Recruiting our new Youth Voice Committee – putting young people’s voices at the heart of what we do

In September we will be recruiting eight members of our Youth Voice Committee. We are looking to appoint 8 young people aged between 16 and 24 years who will reflect the diversity of young people residing in England and Wales as far as possible. Appointments to the Committee will be made for a 1-year term although members are eligible for re-appointment for a further term. The maximum length of appointment is two years.


Our mission is to significantly improve the safety, mental health, and well-being of young people in England and Wales at risk of harm from the gang and youth violence, through education, support, advocacy, and demonstrating that strong, active communities provide effective alternatives to violence.  Our CEO, Jonathan Green,  makes it clear that  “Engagement with young people is critical to the success of our projects.  We are passionate and committed to delivering for young people, but we accept that we don’t have all the answers.”

Objectives of our Youth Voice Committee?

We are looking to give young people the opportunities to take a leading role and the ability to actively participate in key decision making of our Company, particularly in relation to the design of our projects and programmes, to advise us on what matters to young people and the best ways of engaging with young people.  We want to appoint young people to help raise awareness of the aspirations, needs and concerns of young people in the community and to facilitate interaction between young people, our company and its Directors, and the wider community.

Committee Member’s role and responsibilities include:

  • To provide Resilience UnLimited with advice and support on matters relating to young people, based on the wider needs, issues, and views of young people in their community.
  • To ensure that the diversity of young people’s experiences and circumstances is reflected in our decision making, our projects and key messages.
  • To consult widely with young people in their wider communities and to speak up on their behalf.
  • To attend quarterly Youth Voice Committee Meetings, training and development sessions and other activities relevant to the role.
  • To be ambassadors for Resilience UnLimited and if required speaking at events, writing articles for our website and social media platforms, campaigning, getting involved and helping Resilience UnLimited deliver change.

To be eligible, members should:

  • be aged between 16 – 24 years as of 1 January 2021.
  • provide appropriate parental consent to their involvement in the Committee where necessary.
  • have the ability to work with a wide range of young people and in a team.
  • be committed to improving the welfare of communities affected by gang and youth violence, be proactive to representing their own and their community’s perspectives and respect and be mindful of other people’s opinions and perspectives.
  • be approachable, effective communicator and be able to demonstrate evidence of working effectively and collaboratively with other people.
  • be able to commit to attending at least 3 of the 4 meetings per year, held online.

Anyone interested in applying for one of the eight roles, must meet the criteria in the role description and apply online by 12 noon on Monday 21st September 2020. Successful applicants will be contacted in by the end of September and start their term in October 2020. Any questions should be submitted via