Our Team

The Resilience Programme is being delivered by Resilience UnLimited, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales under company number 12527047.

The Programme is being supported by We Can Work It Out, a dedicated transformational change consultancy service with a strong track record of designing and implementing change and continuous improvement initiatives in the community. 

The We Can Work It Out team comprises 19 contractors ranging from legal experts, business analysts, project and program managers, and I.T specialists.  We have found that the agility that this diverse team offers, allows us to deliver quality, community focussed solutions, at speed. 

The Resilience Unlimited Team  is led by one Lead Director and three Assistant Directors/Trustees, each has a background in healthcare and the criminal justice sectors, giving them insight into how an up to date, modern public health approach to serious youth violence, knife crime and the rise in gang-related activity, can make a real difference. 

We are confident that we can help build strong, active, resilient communities as effective alternatives to violence and gang membership.