Our Aims

Promoting the human rights of children and young people

In our view, the challenges posed to young people by gangs and county lines activity represents one of the most significant challenges for young people today. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed by the UK in April 1990 and came into force in January 1992. The Convention grants all children and young people (aged 17 and under) a comprehensive set of rights. One of those rights, Article 6, states that every child has the right to life and governments must do all they can to make sure that children survive and develop to their full potential.

Our Resilience Programme puts children and young peoples interests first, promoting their “right to life, to survive and develop – physically, mentally, spiritually, morally, psychologically and socially – to their full potential” in accordance with their Article 6 right.  


To significantly improve the safety, mental health, and well-being of young people in England and Wales at risk of harm from gang and youth violence so that they can flourish and actively contribute to society.


To use our experience, expertise, and networks, to deliver education, support, advocacy services as effective alternatives to violence.


To Improve awareness of potential harm and exploitation of young people by gangs, county lines networks and serious youth violence by providing critical information for communities on the risks posed by the gang, knife, and youth violence and how to seek support.

To provide trauma-informed, outreach support for young people and their families helping them identify effective alternatives to violence, enabling young people to better participate in society and to achieve their potential.
To work strategically with partners to reduce the exploitation of young people by gangs and county lines drug markets.

To use learning and research from our work, to design and deliver the most effective programmes and interventions to support young people and their families affected by gang and youth violence.

To be an effective, human rights focussed business offering value for money for our customers.


We are:

Collaborative – we know we cannot achieve the kind of difference we want to see, on our own.

Young People focussed – we actively listen to young people and ensure their ideas and feedback are central to our decision making.

Compassionate – we care about communities, families, and young people. We want them to flourish.

Continuously improving – we regularly and rigorously assess how we deliver our work and to be sure the benefits of our projects are delivered, embedded, and evidenced.